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FH Unlimited was founded on 5 core principles which make up the ethos of our business that we feel set us apart from other Handyman and Renovation companies in the GTA.


We have a tagline that we like to use from time to time; "Feel comfortable with us in your home."


It's never great to call someone into your home to perform a task or service and they give you an unsettled feeling. This may be because of a 'rough' appearance, dishevelled attire, something not appearing professional, or maybe they just come off as plain creepy. We have heard many such stories from our family of clients.

We are fathers first, trying to raise responsible well-rounded humans with good values. We treat your family, including your four-legged family members, with the same respect and care as we do our own. As a member of the FH Unlimited family, you are never treated as a means to an end which we feel contributes to the majority of our business being repeat and referrals.


"Leave the job site better and cleaner than when we arrive"  is a motto that guides us on every project we undertake.

So you hire someone to perform a task and they complete the job. Once they leave your home you take a more thorough look and you find that they left unwanted construction debris, cigarette butts, half-drank coffee cups and they didn't even take their garbage with them. Even if they did a great job on the task they were hired to do, this puts a bad taste in anyone's mouth and it's not likely they are getting a good review from you, as they should not!

This is ridiculous on so many levels. Clean-up is a basic part of any job and we always make sure that when we leave your home the work site will be cleaner and in better shape than when we arrived. We care about the quality and integrity of our work.


This should be a no-brainer but, unfortunately, it's not. We have all heard the horror stories of contractors charging an arm and a leg for shotty work that doesn't last, did not look good, wasn't to the standard that was agreed upon, incomplete or amateur work, etc. 

On many occasions, we have been called in after a major renovation was performed by a different company to fix the problems they left. When you have us in your home you can rest assured that the work we perform will be to the highest standard. This speaks to our other core values of Integrity and Accountability.


We do our best to deliver Comfort, Cleanliness and Quality. However, sometimes we make mistakes, a tool gets dropped and makes a dent, or an unwanted accident happens. We are human. 

When a scenario like this happens we would never try to cover it up. We absolutely own any mistake 100% and do whatever is needed to rectify the situation so that you are completely happy with the work performed and the quality delivered.


For us, Integrity encapsulates our core values of Comfort, Cleanliness, Quality and Accountabiltiy.


When we are invited into your home we always treat you with the respect and decency you deserve. We do our best to make you comfortable and deliver the highest standard of quality. Our pricing is on full display and we don't play games like whoever has the biggest house pays the highest rates. Everyone is treated to the same standard that we would expect if we were to hire a company for our home's needs.

We have built our business almost exclusively on repeat business and referrals. We believe we can do this because we have been able to deliver on all of our core values.



Keane: 905-246-7663

Brandon: 647-828-7482


Toronto, North York, Summer Hill, Eglinton/Lawrence, Rosedale, Moore Park, Hogs Hollow, Bridle Path, Leaside, Beaches


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